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The Best Exposure, Design Options & Pricing!
Our main priority is building long-term relationships with our clients who are the top companies in Mixed-Use Development, Architecture, Interiors, Construction, Sales, Mechanical, Maintenance & Building Automation. Our main focus for those clients is helping them build their Brands. So, we wanted to create products that both reward them for their years of loyal business & help them continue to build their Brands with us. The result is our Membership Packages.

Network Sites

Membership on Any & Every Site!
Choose any one of our publications as your main site for Membership. Obviously you can buy Membership on each site. But, if you don’t need that large of a presence, you can actually place one of your Showcases on each site. Then you’re allowed to uses your Monthly posts on any site where you have a Showroom or Showcase. 

How it Works!

The Best Exposure, Design Options & Pricing!
Each Membership level gives you one Showroom that is the hub for your company on the network. Most also give you a certain amount of Showcases that you will use to promote your top product lines, brands or divisions. Each of those Showcases can be placed on the site of your choice that best fits the topic. It will be featured in the appropriate Directory Category & linked with your Showroom. You’ll have a certain amount of Posts.


Earn Your Way to the Front Page!
Instead of charging outrageous fees for Front Page & Category Sponsorship, we use a market-based approach to determine a fair price. Basically, the companies with the highest membership level earn sponsorship. So, if there are only Starter members on a site, the first 15 get Front Page sponsorship until other members join or upgrade at a level above them. The first 15 to become MVP level members earn Front Page Sponsorship of the that site. The first 12 also earn Site Menu Sponsorship. And, the first 15 in each Category earn Sponsorship of that Category.


All of our Membership packages include Showrooms. Your Brand Showroom is a beautifully designed page that acts as the hub on any site on our network. All content can be linked with the Showroom including News, Events, Careers, Showcases, Videos & all of your other content. If you have a lot of content for each division or brand, you may want to have a Membership/Showroom for each. If not, you can use one of your Showcases to place a division or brand on another one of our sites. This page is an example of a Showroom. Any design elements here can be used in your Showroom. See a Sample.


Your Most Important Content!
Showcases are year-round pages for your most important content that deserves major branding & beautiful design that can include full screen images, video & information that promotes a Brand, Division, Product, Project or Top Client. They can be placed on any site in our network that best fits the topic. Linked with any one of your Showroom pages. Showcases on the main site of your Membership will be ranked at the level of your Membership. Showcases places on other sites will be ranked at Starter level. So, if you want it ranked higher, we recommend adding a membership for the additional site. They can be refreshed or replaced once per year at no additional charge. See a Sample.


Your Freshest Content Posted Monthly!
Posts are used for timely content that keeps your image fresh on our network such as News, Events, Interviews, Articles, Careers, Products, Projects & Client Profiles. They are basic in design, text based & can contain a photo. They can be automatically pulled into any Showroom or Showcase on the site they are on. For really important topics, we recommend using a Showcase instead. Each package gives you a certain number of posts per month. All posts stay up as long as you are a member or until you take them down except for Events & Careers. Events with specific event dates stay up until the event ends. Posts about the event in general do not expire. Career Listings stay up for at least 90 days. Samples: News Events


The Latest Professional Design Options!
We like to keep our design up-to-date with the latest trends. All of our designs are mobile responsive & look amazing on any size screen or device. We love building showrooms with hi-res, full-screen, professional photographs & professional copy. We also highly recommend film quality production for any video. We can include video from most any Pro Grade video platform like Vimeo Pro that allows you to completely private label each video & does not have 3rd party ads. Note that we do not allow video from free platforms such as YouTube due to 3rd party advertising, lack of private labeling, lack of control over the platform & video quality. Once you book your membership, our design team will work with you to pull together all of the elements to build a beautiful profile. All you really need to get started is your professional photograph(s) & copy.


Our Top Clients Get Top Exposure & Priority!
We implemented the Ranking concept to honor our top clients based on their level of membership & when they attained that level. So for instance, that’s how we Rank members for Front Page or Category features. First, we Rank members by their level of membership. Second, we Rank them by the date they attained that level. The first members to attain that level, have top Ranking at that level.   

Membership Levels

Our Membership Packages give companies a Beautifully Branded Showroom & a blend of Showcases & Posts. Posts can be for News, Products, Articles, Events, etc. The highest level Members on each site are also eligible for Front Page, Category & Site Menu Sponsorship. Learn More!